Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Sweets

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Just wanted to share some fun Valentine's Day sweets from the weekend.

I love making cookies, and I purchased this fun heart shaped cookie pan last year and never used it, so I thought I would make a giant cookie for my sweetie. I just used my standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and mixed in 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup valentine's day M&M's (pink, white and red colors).

I then used Strawberry frosting (from a can) and more M&M's to decorate it. It was very tastey! I had enough cookie dough to make a dozen more cookies, so I gave those to my sweetie as well, and then we shared the big cookie (hey, it was good and I wanted some of that cookie also!!)

I bought like 3 bags of valentine's day M&M's because I loved all of the pink colors! The M&M's dark also had purple M&M's in the bag, which were my favorite (for the purple color and the fact they were dark chocolate). This is my fun M&M dispenser that my Grandfather made for me about 10 years ago. It is perfect for M&M's and jelly beans. You just pull the little lever out and it dispenses about 8 or 9 M&M's which is perfect for snacking.

And then of course my sweetie brought me roses for Valentine's Day. This was the first year he got me roses. Last year he got me tulips, and then a few weeks ago he got me a mixed boquet since I was sick. He is not a big flower guy (because they die), so this was pretty big for him!

And don't you just love my spring table runner! I got this from Pier 1 about 2 years ago, and I just had to start bringing out my spring items. It goes well with my new Valentine's Day wreath which I posted about last week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even sweeter Valentine's Day!


  1. STopping by from Mingle Monday! I love all your Valentine's Day festive-ness! :) I'm definitely craving strawberry icing now!!

  2. Hello! I'm visiting from Mingle Monday!

    I love the heart shaped cookie cake! How creative!

  3. Visiting from Mingle Monday....

    I like the idea of only dispensing a few m&ms for a snack....until I would go back 100 times per day!!

    The runner is really pretty! I noticed it before I read your post!