Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Football, Flowers, the Flu and Lots of Snow!

Lots of craziness has happened in the last week. It all started a week ago when my boyfriend came over last Tues to watch the Ohio State vs Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

What a crazy game it was, although I'll admit I did fall asleep around 11:30 pm when the best part of the game was taking place (opps!!). Anyway, we were very proud of our Bucks!!

Then the next day my boyfriend came down with the flu. He ended up taking off work both Wed and Thurs, and I was so afraid I was going to come down with it also, and tried to do everything I could not to get it, including being in denial about getting sick, although I'll get to that in a min.

On Fri we were supposed to hear back from the FDA on a product we are working on, so Fri and even Sat were going to be big days at work for us. We were already planning on working on Sat and possibly Sun, and we had shifts lined up to work those two days.

So Thurs comes around, and I am feeling this cough come on. I just kept drinking tea, and water, and just tried to not think about it. I ended up working about 12 hours on Thurs trying to get caught up for the big day on Fri. Of course when I wake up on Fri I am burning up, with a sore throat, and yet I still get up take a shower and start getting ready for work. I kept wondering why I was still so hot, until I took my temperature and had a 101 degree temperature!

I don't know about you, but I never get a fever. Every time I am sick I always take my temperature, and it's always steady at around 97.4 degrees. I think I took my temperature about 5 times that morning, totally in denial that I was getting sick.

My boyfriend felt so bad that he got me sick that after work on Fri he dropped off some flowers on my doorstep. Of course I was asleep when he dropped them off, so they sat there outside for about 2 hours, but fortunatly they were wrapped up pretty well and didn't freeze.

Five days later I am still battling this flu, which I think has turned into bronchitis, but I am at least on the mend now. I finally made it back to work, although at one point today I think my fever came back because I got really hot and achy and started to cough really bad.

Luckily for me, but unlucky for our client, we did not get the big FDA approval we are looking for, so the weekend-work got pushed back. Things have been a little more slow at work, which will eventually pick up, but is good for now since everyone seems to be getting sick!

In addition to all the sickness going around, it has gotten  much colder and we have had so far 2 snow storms of the new year. It was 61 degrees on NYE, and I believe it got to 0 over night over the weekend. Luckily Columbus is pretty good with clearning the roads, so if you just give them enough time by either going into work a little late, or even staying a little past rush hour, they don't seem to be too bad. You can tell when big snow storm is coming because they put this salt water stuff down on the interstates. You can see these 6 or 7 lines along each lane where they have put this salty mixture down, and I think it really helps. They have only been doing this for the last couple of years, but it does seem to help keep the interstates somewhat clear during these storms.

Hope everyone else is keeping clear of the flu and other sicknesses. I think everyone I know has had something within the last couple of weeks! It's definitly going around.

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