Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Like the Ice Age

This is how I feel everytime I walk outside.

While the rest of the country is getting the big blizzard, we are dealing with an ice storm here. Our city is like a popsicle!

It started last night and of course a few hours after it starts I end up falling and busting my bum on the ice. My boyfriend and I were leaving the Chiller (where my boyfriend plays hockey), and these kids tell us, it's icy out there. My boyfriend starts to say "are you kidding me" while I take a step and bam...my feet fly out and land on my bum. Fortunatly I am ok, just a few bruises, including my ego!

Then this morning I practially crawled to my garage. Ok well I didn't crawl, but halfway across the parking lot, I did stop and think about it. I of course had my hands full, so that didn't help, but slowly I made it to my car. I didn't have any problems getting to work, the roads seemed fine, just the parking lots and sidewalks were like a sheet of ice.

Then tonight it started to rain even more, and although most of the roads were fine, they hadn't even touched my complex! When I first pulled up to the entrance to my complex, I noticed there were about 10 cars sitting there waiting to pull in. At first I thought maybe there was an accident, but quickly found out it was because people kept getting stuck trying to drive up the slight icy incline of our road.

I was ok at first, but then I had to stop for someone else who was stuck, and then I got stuck, wheels just a spinning! Let me tell you, this freaked me out more than anything. I felt totally stranded, and called my boyfriend freaking out. He was like, "Jen, you need to find someone to help push you." Of course no one was willing to help, they were stuck also, and just wanted to get their cars going.

This girl behind me was like "honey, you just got to floor it." So I get back in the car, said a prayer to God, and started to floor it. Somehow it worked, and I got moving again. I just kept going and praying and finally made it to my garage. Let me tell you, I am not leaving the house until this ice has melted!! But I am very glad that I made it home safe and sound!

Hope everyone else is staying warm and safe!

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