Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie & Book Reviews -- Alice in Wonderland and The Time Travelers Wife

I saw two movies this weekend. On Friday my Mom and I went to see Alice in Wonderland. It was really good, but we both felt that we needed to see it again because there were a few things that we probably missed.

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What I didn't realize is that this movie picks up from the cartoon movie. In the cartoon movie Alice is a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. In this version, Alice is in her early twenties, and returns to Wonderland. I didn't realize this until the movie was almost over. I thought she was younger in the first movie, but it had been a while since I had seen that version. Overall, it was a good movie, and I recommend you check it out.

On Saturday, my Mom and I watched the Time Travelers Wife. I had just finished the book, and actually bought the movie about a month ago when it first came out, but wanted to wait until I finished the book to read it.

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I liked the book, but thought it dragged on a little too much. I thought they could have cut out about 1/3 - 1/2 of the book and it still would have been pretty good. The movie actually was about 1/2 of the book, so I did like that part about the movie. The movie cut out a lot of her childhood, but that was part of the book that I thought could have been cut out anyway. There were a couple of things I wish the movie would have shown, but I think the movie did a good job of showing the main parts of the book.

Overall there were things about the book and the movie that I liked better than the other, but in the end I enjoyed them both. It's funny because typically I like the book version better than the movie version, but there were things I liked about both of them in this case.

I am glad that I read the book before watching the movie. The endings were both similar but different. I think I liked the ending of the movie better than the ending of the book. Of course I cried during both endings. I highly recommend at least watching the movie.

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  1. I loved, loved, loved Alice in Wonderland. We watched the cartoon version a week before the new one opened in the theatre so it was nice to have the recap. Still need to see the Time Travelers Wife. Maybe I'll rent it this weekend. XOXO