Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Trip to Asheville, NC

I thought I would skip Tips Tuesday this week and share some pics from my road trip to Asheville, NC. I am going to do this in a couple of posts since I have a ton of pictures.

We arrived in Asheville on Thursday around 6 pm. It took us 10 hours to get there because we got stuck in traffic from a bad accident in KY, which put us back about 2 hours, plus we stopped for lunch. The total trip should have taken us about 7.5 hours.

So after checking into the hotel, we decided to head into downtown Asheville to see what we could see.

There was this cute bookstore called the Battery Park Book Exchange. They claim to have about 60,000 books, and they continue to purchase from their customers so it is expanding all the time. They also have a wine bar, so you can stop in, browse their wide collection of books and try out some different wines. It was a really cool place with a very trendy vibe.

I ended up purchasing 2 books:

We then walked around to see what else we could see. We were bummed because most of the stores closed around 6 pm. There were a lot of cute/trendy stores.

We then stopped into  Ed Boudreaux's Bayou Bar-B-Que for some pulled pork sandwiches. They have a BBQ bar where you can try out different types of BBQ's. It was pretty tasty!

Asheville is a really cute little town. They had some live music in the square, and they had some cute stautes all over the city such as this one:


It seemed like a great city to visit and I would love to visit again and spend a little more time there.

Tomorrow I will share my Biltmore Estate pictures, so be sure to check back!

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  1. Oh, Jen, I can hardly wait for tomorrow. The Biltmore Estate is beyond description & even pictures tho breathtaking, don't do it justice. It is over the moon gorgeous during Christmas, too.

    Glad you had such a lovely trip.

    Have a beautiful summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon