Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Man with The Golden Voice

So last week our local radio station WNCI interviewed this homeless guy who back in the 90's did radio and voiceover work in the Columbus metro area. In 1996 he really got into drinking, and bacially lost his job, family, integrity, and whatnot.

Finally about 2 years ago, he sobered up, but was still homeless and unable to get his life back on track. One of his good friends, who is a producer, took a video of him and put it on the Columbus Dispatch website, and the WNCI Morning Zoo caught wind of it, and decided to bring him in.

They shared his story and then basically gave him a job for the day helping them DJ. His story spun around the world, and now he is getting gigs. He was even on Entertainment Tonight last night as getting to meet and possibly work with some of the big time voiceovers in the business.

One of the things that I liked the best about his interview is he admitted that when he was at his best, getting gigs, getting to go to premiers and what not, he never thanked God for what God had given him. He said that God finally let the devil take him, but wouldn't let the devil take his life. He has finally realized what he had back then, and is totally ready to turn his life around.

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