Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Book

The other day at Target, I came across the book for the Sex and the City 2 movie, and of course had to pick it up. It was on sale, and I had the book from the first movie, so that completely justified the purchase.

I kind of felt weird though having a preview of the movie a few days before it came out, but that quickly passed. I of course browsed through the whole thing, but really only got to read a few of the first pages.

The book has some background on the making of the movie, and one thing I thought was interesting that I wanted to share was in the book Michael Patrick King, the writer of SATC and this movie, explained why he choose this exotic trip to the Middle East for this movie. He said because of the bad economy, he thought the movie should be a big party for the fans and that the girls should go somewhere extravagant. He also said that the theme of the movie is "tradition and how you deal with that in your life." He said how interesting is it that you have these sexually liberating women from the US now in the Middle East.

The book is filled with many more behind the scenes info, and of course lots of pictures of the girls and the fashion!! I can't wait for the movie, and of course will have to do a recap. Anyone else going to see the movie this weekend?

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