Thursday, May 20, 2010

RHNJ -- favorite moments

So right now I am obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersy (as I am sure many are!). I kind of got behind on my shows due to vacation, so I was catching up on my DVR and watched the first 3 episodes of RHNJ this week and thought I would share some of my favorite moments:

Ham Game (eps. 2) -- Carolyn's kids were making sandwhiches and started throwing ham at each other. I didn't think much other than, hey they are having a food fight, until Carolyn walks in and starts yelling at them for playing the "Ham Game." I guess this is a game they play and they told their mom to buy the good ham for sandwhiches and the cheap ham for the "Ham Game." Carolyn replied by saying "You know how I feel about the Ham Game....There is nothing funny about the Ham Game." I just about died laughing.

Dina's cats -- I remember the naked cat from the last season, Grandma Wrinkles, but I think she may have a new one. They are kind of creepy, but kind of cute. I just love Dina. She just seems so laid back and easy going, and just doesn't want to get into any drama.

Teresa's 180 jars of red sauce (eps 1 or 2, can't remember) -- Teresa's family (including her parents and her husband's parents) get together every year before the girls start school to make a ton of italian red sauce. They pull out big pots in the garage for the tomatoes for the red sauce. It looked like so much fun. She said they made 180 jars of it last year and it lasts all year long! Now that would be awesome!

Dina delivering Teresa's baby (eps. 3) -- On this week's episode, Teresa's oldest daughter is walking on a runway during fashion week, and she is concerned her water may break or she may go into labor and miss watching her daughter. Dina tells her she hopes she doesn't go into labor because she "doesn't want to deliver Teresa's baby" because "she doesn't want to see her chuckie." Once again, almost died laughing.

So far I love, love, love Carolyn, Teresa and Dina. Carolyn because of how loyal she is to her family and friends and her kids are hilarious. Teresa because she is just fun and crazy and so cute pregnant (see her cute baby bump above). And Dina because of her laid back, I just want to be nice and not stir the pot attitude. She is so into all that Zen stuff, so I hope she doesn't go crazy on us like Spencer from The Hills. But that is another topic, saved for another post at another time. =)

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  1. I completely agree with all of it!! I think it is hilarious that Spencer is such a wacko! And those cystals!! Lord have MERCY!