Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tybee Island

While we were visiting Savannah, we decided to drive out to Tybee Island before we headed on back to Hilton Head. By this point in time the weather was really starting to turn bad, so obviously my pictures are a little dreary, but luckily the rain held off so we could enjoy the island for about an hour or so.

We first started off by visiting the lighthouse. I love lighthouses, and I always try and get a picture of every one that I can visit. This one had a cute little community of buildings around it that I suppose you could tour, but unfortunatly the property was closed off with a gate. We couldn't figure out why it was closed. We were bummed we didn't get to see any more of the lighthouse. I didn't realize until I got home that there were those nasty powerlines in my pics. Of course because of the gate, it was hard to get a really good pic of the lighthouse.


We then drove to almost the tip of the island and visited the pier. It was fun to walk out onto the pier, and look back on the beach. There were a couple of people fishing off the pier. My boyfriend always likes to go up to them and ask them what they are trying to catch.

Here is the picture of the beach from the pier.

There was also a cute little discovery shop/welcome center behind the pier, and it had this cute turtle out front. I just loved all of the fun bright colors.

Well that is all I have to share about my trip to Tybee Island. Hopefully I can go back to Savannah again some day and spend a little more time on the island.

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  1. I love that sign that says "stay off the turtle" apparently it is enticing!