Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tips Tuesday: Scarves Display/Storage

So I came across this cute tip the other day on a blog that I have recently started following and wanted to share. I thought it was totally appropriate with Fall coming. I have recently started to love wearing scarves. I have purchased a few of them over the last year, and I have been keeping them stuffed into a bottom drawer of my nightstand. Not a great way to see what I have, and I tend to forget about them stuffed in the drawer.

Amanda over at Kevin & Amanda suggested hanging them on a hanger. I think it not only is useful to keep them all from getting tangled up, but it allows you to see what you have at a quick glance. And it's cute!! I can either hang in my closet next to my tops, or I could even hang it up in my bedroom as decor.

Also, check out Amanda's blog as she has a cute tutorial on 5 ways to wear a scarf. I am totally going to try them all out! You may see some scarves coming in the next few weeks of my 30 day clothes challenge!

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