Monday, September 27, 2010

Sugarland Concert

Last Thursday, my Mom and I went to the Sugarland concert at the Nationwide Arena.

Sugarland is one of my very favorite bands. I love all of their songs, and I always joke that almost all of them are theme songs to my life. Some of my favorites are:

-- Baby Girl -- when I moved away from home
-- Something More and It Happens -- when I am having a bad day, especially at work
-- Already Gone -- my first love
-- Settlin' -- my love life, career, really anything

The concert was a-maz-ing! The set was awesome and the two of them are just great performers. They sang for about 2 hours, which I think was a pretty good amount of time. I have heard of other artists only performing for an hour or so. We were in the 2nd to last row, but it was great because they had this big round screen in the middle of their set which allowed us to see them up close. Here are some of my pictures from the concert. They didn't turn out too bad considering we were so far away, and of course because it was pretty dark in there it's sometimes hard to get a good picture.

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend going to see their show!

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