Thursday, September 9, 2010

Earring Frame

I saw an idea similar to this a few months ago on The Martha Stewart Show and totally wanted to try it out. It's a cute way to display your earrings on just a frame with some wire.

I have seen it done a few different ways on different blogs, but here are step by step directions on how I made my earring frame.

You will first need a frame (I found an inexpensive one at Walmart for $3), some photo hanging wire, thumbtacks, a hammer and some strong black tape (I used Gorilla Tape).

Take the backing and glass off the frame. Measure out where you want your tacks to go. I started 1/2" from the top opening, and then 2.5 inches apart. Press your tacks into the back of the frame, but not all the way in.

Take your wire and cut it to be slightly longer than the width of the frame. I actually doubled up the wire, so I used 2 pieces and then twisted them together.

Take your wire and place it across the frame, and wind it around the tacks. Then hammer the tacks into the frame until they are flush with the back of the frame.

Cut off the excess wire, and then I used heavy black tape to cover up the tacks to make it look more finished, and for added security. I then added a hanger to the back of the frame so I could hang on the wall.

It's a great place to display your fun and funky earrings and they are easy to access!

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