Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend with the Family

This weekend was amazing, and the weather was awesome! I think on Sat it was in the low 40's and it got up to 50 today (well for a few mins my car registered 50 degrees, so I'll take it)!! And the sun was out and the sky was beautiful!

On Sat, at first I went to a bridal shower for a girl I work with, and she got some amazing gifts! Love Crate and Barrel! I'll have to share that in another post. I then headed off to see my family who lives about an hour away.

I got to see this guy:

And this little girl!
We had dinner at my parents house, and really just sat around and watched the kids play. After my brother and SIL left with the kids, my Mom and I watched Couple's Retreat (which I had previously seen, but she had not), and of course Dad slept through the whole movie!

Then today I went to my Mom's church and then we headed on over to the "Garden of Olives" (aka Olive Garden) to have lunch with my Dad (he plays for a different church). We had a great lunch (I had the chicken alfredo pizza...yummy!) and then my Mom and I headed on over to Walmart for some houseware shopping. They have some fun spring color bath towels, dishes and bedding that I so want to go back and get. They now are carrying more Better Homes and Garden's brand items, and they are soo cute!! And have really great Walmart prices! I am seeing another spring stuff post in your future!! Oh how I am loving spring right now!


  1. I know it! We had 70s this weekend and I actually laid out in a bathing suit and got SUN! AH, so happy! Exciting news about Walmart and Better Homes and Garden, what two things would make a better pair?!

  2. They are so adorable!!! I'm glad you had a great weekend!!! XOXO