Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Fever

As of today, there are only 20 days until Spring!! And only 61 days until we leave for vacation!!! Yes I have a little cabin fever with all of this winter weather, and I will probably continue to count down until it gets here! So to help get me through the next 20 days, I wanted to share some inspiration from Martha Stewart (love her!!). All images from

Love all of the little delicate flowers. Wouldn't this look cute in an entryway or on a buffet?

Bulbs always remind me of spring.

Love, love, love the purple and green combo, and with the white, it really looks fresh!

The bright yellow is very cheery and spring like!

I hope everyone is getting through the winter, and the spring comes possibly a little early!!


  1. Alright, love seeing those beauties!! I need some flowers in my vase PRONTO!

  2. New to your blog.

    Love your posting --so very spring like..
    Going on vacation am I in23 days. headed for should be much warmer then