Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RHNJ & Bethenny Getting Married

Two of my favorite shows right now are the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Bethenny Getting Married (both on Bravo). As they are both coming to a close (BGM season finale is this week, and I am assuming RHNJ should be soon as well), there are many questions that keep me glued to my TV each week waiting to get answered:

1. Is Danielle going to have any friends by the time the show ends, and does she really think she is doing Ashley "a favor" by sending her to jail as a wake up call to get her life together?? I mean come on lady, you are not doing this to "help" the girl. And what is with her wearing her engagement ring right in front of her ex-husband and his wife? I would be completly embarrased if my ex saw me wearing my engagement ring. I mean LOSER...get on with your life!! And of course, could she hug him anymore in front of his wife.

2. Will Ashley go to jail? Part of me thinks she does need a wake up call, but part of me is like come on, she is 19, and it's not like she really hurt her. I think she hurt Danielle's ego more than anything.

3. Will Teresa and Joe lose everything on the show? Obviously there are rumors in the press about filing for bankruptcy, and foreclosing on their house. And you can see little hints in the show where they might be having money troubles, but the woman just keeps spending money. A few weeks ago when the fight broke out between her and Danielle and Teresa went home and told her husband what Danielle said about their house foreclosing, it looked like Joe was a deer in the headlights did they know!! And his comment to Chris (Jacqueline's wife) about the money trickling this a hint to what's to come? I just hope Teresa doesn't find out about her money problems on the show like Lynn did in the RHOC when someone came to their door with an eviction notice on the show and she had no idea they were having money problems. I keep waiting on someone to show up and take away their cars or her jewelry or something.

4. Will Albie get into law school? I sure hope so! I think it is so great that he is taking this time to go through the Police Academy in order to continue to gain experience to become a lawyer someday. You can tell he is really passionate about his future career. And it's great that Caroline is his biggest cheerleader. You can tell she is so proud of her children (and they all seem to have their heads on straight, which is great considering the state of some of the other kids on the show).

5. I am so excited Dina will be on next week's episode. I really liked her, and felt that both she and Caroline are very geniune. The first season you thougth they were the trouble makers, but this season they are trying to stay out of trouble, and I respect them for that. Caroline just sits back and watches Teresa and Jacqueline deal with all the craziness. I think she finds humor in it all.

And of course on Bethenny Getting Married, I am so excited for all the success and everything that has come her way. In the beginning of the RHNY, I liked her for her witty comments. But after learning her background, seeing how she has built her success from nothing and how she had to wait until her late 30's to get everything she wanted, it makes you realize that this girl is real and she really appreciates everything she has in life.

I follow her on Twitter (@Bethenny) and it is amazing how many fans she responds to and how grateful she is her for her fans. On RHNY Jill and Kelly painted her as this fame whore, but I think she is pretty down to earth, and is just enjoying her business and her success. I mean come on, she allowed the paparazzi to photograph her in curlers on her wedding day (see above pic)

I loved watching BGM, and I think the wedding episode was my favorite. I am excited to see her baby and am curious if there will be another season. Maybe "Bethenny Married??" or something like that. If you haven't already seen BGM, the season finale is on tomorrow (Thurs) night @ 10 pm on Bravo.


  1. Oh you hit on two of my favorite shows!! I love the real housewives...and caroline is the only normal one...yea! bethenny is so funny...seriously the comments she comes up with are hysterical! looking forward to tonight with bgm and jersey shore! haha...i am a reality junky!

  2. Danielle drives me mad!!! I seriously would slap her if I saw her out in person. UGH!!! Bethenny I love. Probably because she reminds me so much of myself. I have no filter on what I say and neither does she. :) XOXO