Friday, July 30, 2010

If I Die Young (song)

I heard this song yesterday on the radio for the first time and I loved it! But it was very emotional and thought provoking for me and I just kept thinking, wow, those are powerful lyrics, I wonder what it all means.

At first I thought was it about suicide, or maybe about a teenager who lost their life too soon.

After a little reseach online, I came across a video of the band explaining what the song is about. They claimed it was a statement of contentment, and right before they wrote the song they were discussing how great things have been for them in their lives, and if it all ended quickly for whatever reason, they would be ok because they were happy with their lives.

They also said that after playing the song for others, they have people come up to them and tell them that the song means very different things to them. Some people have just lost someone, and it makes them feel like everything is going to be ok.

I think a good lesson to learn is to enjoy everyday of your life, and make sure you are living your life in a way that makes yourself proud, because you never know when it will end quickly.