Monday, June 7, 2010

Amy Butler Birdie Sling & Scarf

I have always loved to sew, but one of my bestest friends introduced me to Amy Butler patterns and fabric and now I have a new love of sewing. Over Memorial Day weekend, I made this cute Birdie Sling (with a little help from my Mom, but I did about 90% of it).


Here is the Amy Butler Birdie Sling using Amy Butler fabric. I actually went to this really cool store, Sew to Speak, to purchase the fabric and my friend let me borrow the pattern (which I think she also purchased at Sew to Speak).


Here is a shot of the inside lining and pockets.

This weekend I used the left over fabric from the Birdie Sling project to make this scarf. I downloaded the free pattern from the Amy Butler website and found the pom-pom fringe at JoAnn's on clearance for $.97 cents a yard. Therefore this whole scarf only cost me $.97!

Here is a close up of the pom-pom fringe.

There are so many more projects I want to do. There are a couple of cute bags and I eventually want to make a dress and a quilt. My friend and I are going to start sewing together, and actually thought about starting a Stitch-n-Bitch group where we could get together with some other girls. We have a few in mind, so who knows what might happen.

Hope you enjoy my newest creations!!


  1. I wish I could see photos of the sling but the scarf is adorable!!! XOXO

  2. hahah stitch and bitch...hysterical!!