Sunday, November 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life -- Bathrooms

I haven't been very good at posting these last couple of weeks due to traveling for work, but since I am back in town for the next couple of weeks, thought I would kick things off again by sharing another "Show Us Your Life."

This week we are sharing our bathrooms. I am lucky to have 2 full baths all to myself! The master bath gets used mostly for getting ready in the morning and for getting ready for bed at night. The guest bathtub rarely gets used, only when I have company.

Master Bath:

Here is the view from the master bedroom. My master bedroom is painted a sage green, and I wanted the bathroom to compliment it, so I painted the bathroom a light yellow, and I have sage green towels and a sage green bathmat which ties nicely with the bedroom.

Here is the view of the vanity/sink area.

Guest Bath:

I love this dark blue color, and think the white towels and shower curtain really pops! The towels and shower curtain are that white waffle pattern, which reminds me of a fancy hotel room.

This room also houses my washer and dryer which is located in a closet opposite the sink (right behind the door).

Right now my guest bath is decorated for fall. I just love the yellows and oranges against the blue walls.

My mom bought me this picture for my first apartment (a very long time ago), and I still love it today. In case you can't read it, it says "There is a 'Hare' in the tub."

Thanks for stopping by my home. Hope you enjoyed!

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